TRAI will now give you the freedom to change DTH instead of set-top box

TRAI will soon make changes to the DTH service provider for consumers easier. Soon, consumers will be able to make changes in the purchased DTH service without any new set-top boxes. According to TRAI Chairman, RS Sharma, the Authority is working towards implementing interconnectivity between DTH Networks. It plans to implement by the end of the year. This will allow consumers to switch from one DTH to another in DTH without a set-top replacement. Users must simply load the new software in their set-top box.

This would make it easier to switch to DTH networks but this could affect the security of STB. Content companies are opposing TRAI’s decision. They say that any kind of interference in STB can break their encryption and it can be copied to the content. At the same time, TRAI believes that STB should not be sold like proprietary software. The Authority believes that DTH companies will be able to download their software in their set-top box after the change of service of consumers.

It is clear that this will not be good news for DTH service providers. Because after this the consumers will be able to switch to their networks according to the quality and offers of the service. Telecom service providers are still struggling to keep subscribers involved with their numbers due to portability.

Yet it is still to see how TRAI troubles the issue of existing STBs. The new STB can be brought with the ability of post-loading software, but it will be difficult for those who are already using a company special DTH box.

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