How to watch your TV will change from February 1, Learn all the necessary details

New Delhi (Tech Desk) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has made changes to the rules of cable TV and direct-to-home subscription rules that will be effective from February 1. By then, cable operators and DTH service providers can continue their plans.

However, most of the users are not happy with these plans. Because there are only a few select channels for the users of the channel packs of these providers. To see their favorite channels, they have to pay the entire plan. Users also pay for channels which they do not want to see. TRAI has changed the rules of cable TV to diagnose the same problem.

Changes to the rules of cable TV:

This requires users to pay only those channels which they want to see. This will reduce TV usage of most users. TRAI had asked broadcasters to give them tariffs and packages to every channel. Users will only be charged for the same channels they want to see. In order to ensure the channel’s prices, TRAI had instructed broadcasters to tell its price along with every channel.

Apart from the channel’s price, users must also pay a base price to use the services. This base price is Rs 100 which has 25 channels. These are all government channels. Base Prime Maximum Charge can be Rs 130 (plus tax). According to different operators, this base price can vary.

Users can choose any channel from the paid channels. This means that users can make their own packages. Users must only pay the same channel money they want to see. TRAI had said that no broadcaster can keep the price of any channel more than 19 rupees. Taking the paid channels does not mean that the broadcasters will not make any package accordingly. On the Broadcaster’s website, they have made multiple channels together to make packages that users can take.

TRAI confirms users away:

In the past, there were some such reports that there was confusion about which channels to be included in the base pack or users can choose only the plans given by DTH and cable operators. To overcome this confusion, TRAI has issued a new order. TRAI has released its press release saying that some broadcasters are advertising their channels under Bundles Plans.

However, users also have the right to choose their favorite channels. It also said that the maximum retail price (MRP) of each channel is given in the electronic program guide of TV. According to cable operators, DTH operators can also give discounts on channels.

TRAI launches a new campaign:

TRAI has launched the SMS Campaign to tell users about the new rules of Cable TV. TRAI has launched an SMS marketing campaign from January 12th, in which the users are being attacked about the new rules of cable TV. According to media reports, TRAI has sent millions of text messages under this SMS campaign. Two SMSes have been sent to the users of TRAI. It says TRAI’s new regulation tells the TV consumer to see the money for those channels which he is looking at.

TRAI released the web application:

TRAI has launched a new web application to simplify the channel selection process. The Channel Selector app will understand the user’s choice and show the list of channels. Also, whatever channel you want to select, the MRP will also be shown. This app will ask users some questions. On this basis, it will show the list of channels of his choice to the user. With this new app of TRAI, users will also know the Monthly Rentals.

Under the new rules, any DTH providers such as Airtel DTH TV, Tata Sky or Dish TV 100 cannot charge more than Rs 130 (without GST) for non-HD channels. At the same time, if the user chooses a paid channel then they will have to pay the amount of his MRP. According to the new order of TRAI, Sony, Zee, Star, Discovery, Sun, Turner, and Viacom have given information about TV channels that fall under Free-to-Air and those who have to pay.

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