This is the world’s cheapest electric car, Hello ORA just goes on and on.

Due to rising fuel prices and pollution, the manufacturing of electric cars worldwide is increasing rapidly, but due to the latest technology, the prices of cars are so high that it is not just about everyone’s bus to buy. China’s carmaker Great Wall Motors recently launched an electric car ORA R1 debut that can run up to 351km on the single charge.

Ora R1 has been given a mute of 35kW and its price is $ 8,680 (about 6 lakh rupees). The company claims that it is the world’s cheapest electric car, which offers luxury features, performance, and comfort.

What is special in Ora R1?

Most electric vehicles are currently being built on the basis of the oil-to-electricity concept platform, but Great Wall Motors designed a derived platform to create ORA R1, which the company named the ‘ME’ platform. Tell this electric car is equipped with three electric systems – motor, battery, and electronic controls.

ORA R1 has been designed on the basis of five main principal – high value, more space, smarter, safe and high quality. The dimension of this car is 3495 x 1660 x 1560mm, which clearly shows that it is quite special and high security is provided to the driver and passenger. Apart from this, its body has been designed on High Strength Steel up to 60 percent.

Talking about the design of the car, its design is quite simple, with its front head highlighted.

The most important thing is that Artificial Intelligence Technology has been used in this car, which makes its engine active only after speaking ‘Hello ORA’.

Available in 5 color variants

 Ora R1 5 color variant – titanium white, cadet blue, sky blue, titanium white and black combinations, cadet blue and titanium white combinations will be available. There is currently no information about when this car will be launched in India.

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