Technology News – No longer will need a key, your car will start running only after touching the finger

Like the smartphone, day-to-day changes are happening in the auto sector. The engineering team of the manufacturing companies is constantly working to make vehicles smarter. In this way, companies have now been prepared to increase the use of fingerprint in the car.

According to media reports, sooner, the fingerprint technology will be used by manufacturers in their premium cars instead of keys in cars. This will require customers not to charge their cars but to use their fingerprint.

According to media reports, the Smart Fingerprint technology will not only enable the driver to open the car door but also start the car. To unlock the car door with fingerprint technology, the driver must place a finger on the sensor on the handle of the door. After this, the system of the car will recognize the information of the encrypted fingerprint and transfer it to the fingerprint controller inside the car.

Engine start when Ignition Touch:

The driver of the car with Smart Fingerprint technology will only touch the ignition to start the engine. For this, neither need to rotate the key nor press any button.

Will meet other facilities:

These cars, equipped with fingerprint technology, will also get other major facilities. With the help of this technology, customers will get access to fingerprint data by identifying driver priority, getting seat position automatic fire, connecting car features, and driver-wise side-view mirror angle.

Hyundai’s Fingerprint Technology Car Will Come This Year:

Some time ago Hyundai announced that it is coming into the market with the world’s first smart fingerprint technology. The company will launch the new Santa Fe SUV in the first quarter of this year, with the facility of fingerprint technology.

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