Paytm Postpaid: Even if there is no money in Wallet, you will be able to shop for 60000 rupees, Learn how

Paytm is also giving many big gifts on the New Year to its customers. If you use Paytm Wallet then the company has brought a great offer for you. Paytm launched the postpaid service offering new year gifts to customers using their wallets. Under this service, if you do not have money in your Petty Wallet then you can also spend up to Rs 60,000. However, there are some conditions for this.

Petty Postpaid Service Details:

Let us know that this service will be offered to a few selected customers. Under this service, if you do not have any money in Paytm Wallet, you will also be able to spend up to Rs 60,000, which will be paid to customers next month. This service is good for those customers who can not afford to buy due to a lack of money in the emergency. Apart from this, customers can recharge mobile under this service. You can also buy movie tickets as well. At the same time, you can also shop from Paytm Mall.

Bills will be sent to customers:

When users buy after this service they will be billed on the first date of every month. If the customers pay by the 7th of the month, then they will not have to pay any additional charges ie tax. If you make payments after this date, they will also have to pay the tax.

Learn how to activate the service:

To activate Paytm’s postpaid service, customers will have to login in the Petty app. After this, you will see the postpaid service option. You can activate this service by clicking here. Let us know that this feature is currently available in the beta version. If you are a beta user you will be able to activate it and use it.

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